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Frowick Hall

Early-attested site in the Parish of St Osyth

Historical Forms

  • Froruuicā 1086 DB
  • Frowyk(e) 1256,1260 FF
  • Frowike alias Frodwyke 1555,1556 FF
  • Frowewyk 1272 Ass
  • frodwyke 1544 SR
  • Frothewi(c)k, Frothewic 1312 Ipm 1316 Ch 1363 BM
  • Chiche Fadewik or Chiche Frodewik 1493 Ipm


This is a difficult name. The DB form is almost certainly corrupt, and the name has lost a medial consonant which would seem to have been a th rather than a d . This makes it unlikely that we have to do with the OE  pers. name Frōd or Frōda .More probably it is the Scandinavian pers. name Fróði , which might well be found in the neighbourhood of Clacton and Kirby (supra 334, 340). The name may be a hybrid one with OE  wic, 'dairy-farm,' as the second element. It is possible, however, that the name is a purely Scandinavian one, the second element being ON  vík , 'creek ,' and that Fróðavík was the old name for Flag Creek.