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Early-attested site in the Parish of High Easter

Historical Forms

  • Ba(b)b(e)ley(gh) 1329 Rental
  • grete Ba(b)b(e)ley(gh) 1506 Ct
  • Magna Baueleighe 1359 WalthamA
  • Great Bableygh, Little Bableygh 1608 Rental


Bavley is Ba (b )b (e )ley (gh )1329Rental , 1394, 1497, grete Ba (b )b (e )ley (gh )1506Ct , Magna Baueleighe 1359WalthamA , Mochelbabbelyegh 1408, Bablyhacche 1497, Gret Bably , lytyl Bably 1521Ct , Great Bableygh , Little Bableygh 1608Rental . 'Babba 's leah.' Cf. Baythorne supra 412, and, for the change of b to v cf. Bobbingworth supra 52.