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Major Settlement in the Parish of Pocklington

Historical Forms

  • Waplinton 1086 DB 1227 FF 1231 Ass 1276 RH
  • Waplington 1190–1210 YCh445 1607 FF
  • Welplington (sic) 1199 Abbr
  • Wapelinton 1200 Abbr, Cur, FF
  • Wapelington 1311 Ch
  • Wapplington 1254 YI 1285 KI 1537 FF
  • Wappelington 1280 YI


There is some evidence for an OE  pers. name Wæppa or Wappa (cf. Wephurst, PN Sx 108, Wappenham, PN Nth 62) and Wæppela , a diminutive of this, might well have existed though it is not on record. 'Wæppela 's farmstead,' v. ingtun .Alternatively, the first element may well be OE  wapol 'bubble, froth (?),' connected with OE  wapelian 'to bubble, emit, pour forth.' A further sense 'pool, marsh, swamp' is suggested by OFris  wapel , which has these meanings; this sense would be appropriate in Waplington. Cf. also the Danish place-name Vobbel (DaSN(Sj) iii, 83), from North Frisian wobbel (OFris  wapul ). Hence 'marsh farm,' with ing as a connective.

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