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Major Settlement in the Parish of Pocklington

Historical Forms

  • Ianulfestorp 1086 DB
  • Ulvethorp 1190–1215 RegAlb
  • Hulvistorp 13th BM
  • Uluestorp, Vluestorp, Vluesthorp 1203 FF 1219,1220,1245 Ass 1285 KI
  • Vluestrope 1546 YChant
  • Ulvisthorp 13th BM
  • Uluisthorp 1297 YI
  • Vllesthorp, Ullesthorp 1316 NomVill 1332 SR
  • Vlsthorp(e), Ulsthorp(e) 1302 YI 1342 SR
  • Ulstroppe 1611 FF
  • Owlesthorpe 1524 FF
  • Oulstrope 1650 ParlSurv
  • Ousethorpe 1542 NCWills
  • Owstroppe 1563 FF


Ianulf in the DB spellings is an Anglo-Scandinavian pers. name from OE  Ēanwulf (cf. OScand Iátmundr , Iátvarðr , etc., from OE Ēadmund , Ēadweard ). Ulf in the later spellings is the common OScand  pers. name Úlfr . It would appear that soon after the DB survey there was a change of ownership, for such changes in pers. names compounded with thorp are not uncommon.It is just possible, however, that Ulf is a shortened form of Ianulf . The use of the second theme of a pers. name as a pet-form is found in OE , as in Bucge from Eadburg (Redin 115) and OScand  as in Leifi from Þorleifr , etc. v. þorp . On the later development of the name v. Introd. xxxi.

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