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Major Settlement in the Parish of Howden

Historical Forms

  • Sc(h)ilton 1086 DB
  • Skeltun(a), Skelton(a) 1155–65,1175–85 YCh981–2 1199 FF 1512 FF
  • Skeltun(a) juxta Houedene 1398 YD
  • Schelton(a) 1175–85 YCh 1259 Ass
  • Skylton 1547 FF


The origin of various Skeltons in Y is dealt with in PN NRY 16 and PN D (vol. ii) ix. This Skelton is a long straggling village on the bank of the Ouse and the first element may well be OE  scylf (Angl  scelf) 'shelving terrain' referring to the high bank of the river. 'Farmstead on the river-bank,' v. tun . Initial Sk - is due to Scandinavian influence.