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Major Settlement in the Parish of Howden

Historical Forms

  • Cnyllingatún 959 YCh4 c.1200
  • Cledinton 1086 DB
  • Knedlington, Knedlyngton 1285 1551 FF
  • Knedelington 1316 NomVill 1332 SR 1379 Poll
  • Knydlyngton 1577 FF


In view of the post-Conquest spellings with Kned - it is probable that the OE  Cnyllingatún is a West Saxon spelling for Cneollingatun or the like, with y for e (o ) as in Everingham supra 233. In all probability the first element is from an OE  pers. name Cneoddel or Cneddel (not recorded), derived from OE  cneord 'eager, diligent' with an assimilation of rd to dd as in OE  Brodda for Brorda (cf. also IPN 172). The further assimilation of dl to ll in the OE spelling is parallel to that found in some of the forms of Bridlington supra 100. 'Farmstead of Cneddel and his people,' v. ing , tun .