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Major Settlement in the Parish of Howden

Historical Forms

  • Celpene 959 YCh4 c.1200
  • Chelpin 1086 DB
  • Kilpin, Kilpyn 1199,1231,1246 FF 1251 Ass 1576 NCWills
  • Kilpyng 1316 NomVill
  • Kilpyne 1376 FF
  • Kilpeyn 1416 YI
  • Chilpin 1202 FF


This difficult name is probably from OE  celf (a Northern OE mutated form of calf 'calf,' as in Kelloe, PN NbDu 125) and penn , a word which may also occur in Harpings supra 215.Cf. PN in -ing 27. Medial f might well have been lost at an early date before the following labial; cf. also Wharram supra 134–5, and for early raising of e to i cf. Bridlington supra 100.'Calf enclosure.'