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King's Court Palace, King's Court Bridge, King's Court Wd

Early-attested site in the Parish of Motcombe

Historical Forms

  • Hr (Outer) Kings' Court, Lr (Outer) Kings' Court 1838 TA
  • Kings Court Plat 1838 ib
  • King's Court 1869 Hutch3
  • desuper la Palyce 1317 GillCt
  • domorum Regis apud Gilling(e)ham, domorum Regis de Gilling(e)ham 1201,1207 P
  • domus Regis apud Gilling(e)ham, domus Regis de Gilling(e)ham 1204 1224 Pat
  • castelli Regis de Gillingeham 1206 P
  • 'king's houses and court of Gillingham' 1252 Pat
  • 'court' 1313 Cl
  • 'the old king's court' 1403 Hutch3


King's Court Palace (site of, ST 818263), King's Court Bridge, King's Court Wd, Hr (Outer ) Kings ' Court , Lr (Outer ) Kings ' Court 1838TA , Kings Court Plat 1838ib (Gillingham), King 's Court 1869 Hutch3, probably to be identified with [land] desuper la Palyce 1317GillCt , from paleis 'a palace' or (a less likely alternative) palis , paleis 'a fence of pales, a palisade'. Other references that possibly belong here include domorum Regis apud Gilling (e )ham , domorum Regis de Gilling (e )ham 1201, 1207 P, domus Regis apud Gilling (e )ham , domus Regis de Gilling (e )ham 1204 ib, 1224 Pat, castelli Regis de Gillingeham 1206 P, 'king 's houses and court of Gillingham '1252 Pat, 'court '1313 Cl, 'the old king 's court '1403 Hutch3. 'The Palace' was a royal hunting residence within the deer park of Gillingham, v. Park Fm in Gillingham par. supra , Hutch3 3 618–9, Cantor & Wilson 5224–5, RCHM 4 51–2. There were two chapels here in 1253 ib ('the King's chapel' and 'the Queen's chapel', cf. capella Regis de Gillingham 1258 Cl). One of the manors of Gelingeham belonged to the king in 1086 DB (VCHDo 365).