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Major Settlement in the Parish of Broadwey

Historical Forms

  • ?Wai(a) 1086 DB, Exon
  • Veia 1142 France
  • Waie 1166 RBE 1210 P 1227 FF
  • Waya 1236 Fees
  • Waye 1269 Misc
  • Brode Way 1243 Fees
  • Brodeway(e), Brodewaie 1280 Ass 1483 Weld1
  • Brodewey(e), Brodeweie 1269 Misc
  • curs' aque in Brode Wey 1487 Weld1
  • Brode Wey 1428 FA
  • Bordwey 1326 Midd
  • Brodway 1664 HTax
  • Bradeweye 1249 FF 1291 Tax 1371 Pat
  • Bradeway(e) 1280,1288 Ass 1428 FA
  • Bradwey 1575 Saxton
  • Waye Nichole 1318 FF
  • Waye Nich' 1340 NI
  • Wey St Nicholas 1437,1442 Hutch3


One of several places named from R. Wey (v. RNs.infra ), the others being Creketway, Rowaldsway, Southway, Wayhoughton all probably in this par., Radway (probably) in Preston par., Causeway in Radipole par., Upwey par. and Stottingway in Upwey par., and Weymouth par. all infra . The affix Broad - refers to 'the river's expanding itself at this place to a greater breadth' according to Hutch1 1 419, but it is perhaps more likely that it refers to the size of the village or manor, v. brād 'broad, large'. Nichole , etc., is from the dedication of the church, v. St Nicholas's Church infra . There were no less than eight DB manors called Wai (a ) and although it is almost certain that at least one of these represents what later became Broadwey, it is not possible to identify them individually in spite of the attempt to do so by Eyton 121–2, cf. DBGeography 74 ff, VCHDo 3147 fn. 67, DBGazetteer 117.

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