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Cheshire Fields

Early-attested site in the Parish of Audlem and Wrenbury

Historical Forms

  • Cheshire Fields 1503 Sheaf 18
  • Cheshire Field 1831 Bry
  • boscus de Trepwodde, le Trepwood c.1130 Cott.Faust.Bviii 1479
  • Trep(e)wood c.1130 Sheaf328 18
  • Trepwood in Wynesele 12 18 ib
  • le Trepwode 1266 Ch 1331
  • pars nemoris de Wivelesde quae dicitur Threpwode 12 Dugdv326


Cheshire Fields (110–611401), Cheshire Fields 1503 (18) Sheaf, Cheshire Field 1831 Bry, cf. Cheshire Beach 1842TA , 'fields, and valley-stream, lying in Cheshire', v. feld , bece 1 . These are on the Sa county boundary. It seems very likely that this locality was boscus de Trepwodde , le Trepwood c.1130 (1479) Cott . Faust. B viii (Dugd v 323 reads Trepewode , le Trepewood ), Trep (e )wood c.1130 (18) Sheaf3 28 (6118), Trepwood in Wynesele 12 (18) ib (6122), le Trepwode 1266 (1331) Ch, pars nemoris de Wivelesde quae dicitur Threpwode 12 Dugd v326, 'wood in dispute', v. þrēap , wudu , cf. Threap Wood 89supra , Threapwood 326infra . This land was not included in Wilkesley manor by the bounds stated in Cott . Faust. B viii ('the watercourse which runs between the wood of Dodcote and the wood of Trepwodde'). It was subsequently granted to Combermere abbey by Roger lord of Ightfield (Dugd v326, Sheaf3 28 (6162)) as that part of the woods of Wilkesley which belonged to his manor of Ightfield Sa. At that time, it was probably disputed which county this wood was in—geographically Ch but manorially Sa, hence the name. The later name alludes to its detachment from the Sa territory of the Ightfield manor, cf. Northwoods infra which is named in relation to Shavington Sa.