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Top Moor

Early-attested site in the Parish of Cottenham

Historical Forms

  • Tappingmore, Tappyngmore 1303 Abbr 1343 Colexliv
  • Tappigmor 1325–6 MinAcct
  • Tappyn' moore 1546 ib
  • Tapymore 1596 Christ's
  • Topham More 1604 Atkyns


Top Moor is Tappingmore , Tappyngmore 1303 Abbr, 1343Cole xliv, Tappigmor 1325–6MinAcct , Tappyn ' moore 1546 ib., Tapymore 1596Christ 's , Topham More 1604Atkyns . 'Tæppa 's marsh,' v. mōr , with connective ing . For the personal name cf. s. n. Taplow (PN Bk 231). It is possible that we may have a significant word tæpping associated with OE  tæppa , tæppe , 'band, ribbon, tape,' in the sense 'strip of land.'