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Early-attested site in the Parish of Waddesdon

Historical Forms

  • Weremodestun c.1200 Miss 14th
  • Warmodeston 1220 Fees313 1247 Ass 1262 1284 FA 13th ADvi
  • Warmoteston 1241 Ass
  • Waremodeston 1241 Ass 1292 Ipm
  • Warmundeston c.1250 Mert
  • Wermundestone c.1290 Mert
  • Wermedeston, Wormodeston, Waremeston 1255 For
  • Wermeston 1262 Ass 1360 Pat 1442 IpmR
  • Warmestone 1334,1367 Cl 1423,1469 IpmR 1540 LP
  • Wermodeston 1346 Pat


'Farm of Wǣrmōd or, possibly, of Wǣrmund .' The former name is not on independent record but may be inferred from p.n. evidence (v. Searle and cf. Warmscombe (O)). If that is the name the n in some of the ME forms must be explained as due to the common introduction of inorganic n in the unstressed element in polysyllabic words (cf. PN NbDu 265 for further examples). It certainly occurred in Aymestrey (Heref) which appears as Æþelmodes treow in BCS 1006, Aylmondestre in FA.

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