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Early-attested site in the Parish of Waddesdon

Historical Forms

  • Cremedewelle 1165 P 1185 RotDom
  • Crendewelle 1227,1247 Ass 1302 FA 1360 Ipm
  • Crundewell 1227 Ass 1242 Fees883 1325 Fine
  • Crandewelle 1316 FA
  • Grundewell 1325 Fine 1326 Orig
  • Cryndewelle 1379 Cl
  • Crendwell 1459 IpmR 1514 ADvi
  • Cranewyll 1501 Ipm
  • Cranwell 1517 Encl


The first element in this name must be from crymbed the past part. of the OE  vb. crymban , to bend, and the whole name meant 'bent, crooked, or winding spring.' For this sense development cf. Cromwell (Nt) from the adj. crumb . For the e and u forms v. Introd. xxiv. The a -forms are perhaps due to association with the common cran (cf. Cranwell, Lincs). They are also found in the not very distant Crendon, v. supra . mbd >md (with loss of b from cons. group)>nd by assimilation.

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