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Beachendon (Fm)

Early-attested site in the Parish of Waddesdon

Historical Forms

  • Bichedone 1086 DB
  • Bicchendon 1175 P
  • Bichendone 1198 Fines 1235 Fees461
  • Bichindone 1198 Fines 1262 Ass
  • Bychendone 1241 Ass 1316 FA
  • Bychindone 1284 FA 1300 Ipm 1326,1332,1335 Cl
  • Bechyndon 1384 Pat
  • Bichyndon 1307 Cl
  • Bechenden 1500 Ipm Eliz ChancP
  • Bechington 1535 VE
  • Beachington 1766 J c.1825 O 1826 B


Cf. bican broc in boundaries of Winchendon (St Frides 8).The personal name Bica appears again in Bicknor (Gl), Bickenhill (War).

Just as Wott gave his name to a hill and a stream so did Bic (c )a , the stream in the second case being that to the west of Beachendon. The name should have become Bitchingdon , or possibly, with lowering of i to e , Betchingdon , but as in Beechburn (Du), earlier Bitchburn , unpleasant associations have probably been avoided by lengthening of the vowel, or association with the common noun beech has affected the pronunciation. A similar change has taken place in Beachampstead (Hu), 1248 FF Bichehamstede , which seems to contain the same personal name.

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