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Summereat Lane

Other OS name in the Parish of North Coates


( lost ) , 1842TA , cf. the someryt 1609DuLaMB , Sumereate 1697Em , Sumer Eate 1700ib , the Sumered 1625Terrier , y e Comon pasture called Summered 1635ib , Far Summereat ,First Summereat , Fold Summereat 1842TA , the Lowe Summer head 1700Em , the low Somereate 1695Em , the Summerhead 1689Em , the Summerhead Close 1688Em , the Summer head close 1700Em , Somered Close 1689, 1692, 1693Em , ' the summer pasture ' , v. sumor , ete and cf. Outdwellers pay 8 p Ac ' Tith for y e bad low Grounds w n they summer-eat 'em 1745Terrier , Outdwellers pay eight Pence per Acre for the bad Low Grounds when they Summeat them 1762Terrier . EDD records summer-eat as a verb ' to use land as summerpasture ' , cf. Summer - eaten Marsh in Habrough f. ns . ( a ) PN L 2 , 142 – 43 and Kirk Summer eater Carr in Bonby f. ns . ( a ) PN L 2 , 59 . Summereat Lane was the name of the road from Thoresby Bridge towards the village and Summereat the area east of Louth Navigation and south of the lane . The same name occurs as Summerhead in Marsh Chapel supra , where earlier forms are given .