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Early-attested site in the Parish of Symondsbury

Historical Forms

  • Wutton 1228 FF 1287 Forde 15
  • Wottune 1256 FF
  • Wotton Flammang 1275 Drew
  • Wotton Flemeng 1280 FF
  • Wotton Flemyng 1290 Cl
  • Wutton Flemeng-juxta-Brideport 1300 Drew
  • 'Wotton by Briddeport' 1318 Pat
  • ?Wadton' 13 Forde 15
  • Watton 1329 Ipm 1337 Lane 1346 FA 1356 Weld2 1422 Ct
  • Wattone 1412 FA
  • Whatton 1422 Ct
  • Walton alias Watton Eliz ChancP
  • Wotton Flemeng 1280 ib


The 13th-cent. surname form de Wotthun ' cited under Watton Hill in Bradpole par. supra may also belong here.

Probably 'farmstead or settlement on R. Woth (the earlier name of R. Brit)', v. tūn , cf. Vearse Fm supra which lies just ½ mile NNW from here. The identification of Wotton Flemyng with this place is convincingly established by Drew, cf. Fägersten 298 fn. 3: Roger le Flameng and Walter le Flemeng are associated with Wutton and Wottune respectively in 1228 and 1256 FF, likewise Walter le Flemang with Wotton Flemeng in 1280 ib, and Walter le Flemeng is also mentioned in 1300 Drew (Banco).

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