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Vearse Fm

Early-attested site in the Parish of Symondsbury

Historical Forms

  • Wotton Ver 1304 Cl
  • Wottonver 1304 ChancW
  • Vereswatton juxta Symondesbergh 1371 FF
  • Verres Watton 1420,1421 ADI
  • Veerswatton' 1454 Battiscombe
  • Veriswatton(') 1469 AD
  • Veres Wo(o)tton, or Verse 1774 Hutch1 1795 Boswell
  • Vere's Wotton, vulgarly Vearse or Verse 1863 Hutch3
  • Poxwell Veer 1504 Ipm
  • Vearse 1668 Battiscombe 1811 OS 1839 TA
  • Vears 1674 Battiscombe
  • Golding(')s Vearse 1839 TA 1863 Hutch3
  • de Pokeswell 1304 ChancW
  • Pokeswell 1504 Ipm


This part of Watton q. v. infra was held by John son of Richard de Veer of Stottecumbe (possibly Stutcombe in Evershot par. supra ) in 1304 Cl, cf. also Philip de Veere Hy 3 Hutch3, John le Veir 1332 SR, John Le Ver 1333HarlCh , John le Veyr 1340 NI, ten ' t 're nup ' Thorne Veere 1422Ct .Thus Vearse (Veres ) is in origin a manorial affix indicating 'of the de Ver family': for the surname v. Reaney-Wilson s.n. Vere . A holding here was contested by Peter de Pokeswell (from Poxwell par. 1 143) in 1304 ChancW and held by John Pokeswell in 1504 Ipm. Golding is also a surname, cf. Goldings factory & Goldings plots 1839TA .

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