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Skilling Ctgs, Skilling Fm, Skilling Head, Skilling Hill Rd & Skilling Lane

Early-attested site in the Parish of Symondsbury

Historical Forms

  • Hr Skilling & Lt Skilling 1839 TA
  • Skilling 1839 TA
  • Gt Skilling(s) 1839 TA
  • (5 Acres) part of Skillings (with cottage) 1839 TA
  • Skilling Cl, Skilling Corner, Skilling Md & Skilling Plot 1839 TA
  • Skilling Head 1839 TA
  • lands called Skillen 1863 Hutch3


Skilling Ctgs, Skilling Fm (SY 463923), Skilling Head, Skilling Hill Rd & Skilling Lane, Hr Skilling & Lt Skilling 1839TA , Skilling 1839TA , Gt Skilling (s )1839TA , (5 Acres ) part of Skillings (with cottage )1839TA , Skilling Cl , Skilling Corner , Skilling Md & Skilling Plot 1839TA , Skilling Head 1839TA , lands called Skillen 1863 Hutch3, probably from Do dial. skilling 'a penthouse, a shed' (Barnes 100). The surname of Michael Skyllyng ' 1454Battiscombe (mentioned in connection with this par.) is to be noted, since the -s forms in TA may thus be possessive or manorial. However the origin of the surname itself is uncertain: it is perhaps unlikely to be an early instance of the same word used as a surname, cf. the much earlier William Skyllyng '1332 SR (a taxpayer in Milton A. and perhaps an ancestor) and the manorial affix Skilling , etc. (from a pers.n. Schelin ) in the early spellings of Shillingstone par. 2 238.

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