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Local district in the County of West Riding of Yorkshire

Historical Forms

  • Cravescire, Crave' 1086 DB
  • Crauen(a), Craven(a) 1134–52 Furn a.1152 YChvii 1154 Selby c.1187 Dugdv 1198 Fount 1214 ClR 1218 Percy 1590 Camd
  • Cravana 1154 YCh480 1175 ib
  • Crauene, Cravene 1166 P c.1175 Font 1202 FF c.1416 Fount
  • Crafna c.1160 RichardofHexham
  • Crawyn 1421 YI
  • Cravyn 1457 FountBurs
  • Crayffyn 1537 Testvi


The name was that of a DB wapentake: apart from a group of four or five places in Lonsdale, including Melling, Hornby and Wennington in Lancashire and Thornton in Lonsdale, it corresponded approximately to the later wapentake of Staincliffe, at least to those parts east of the R. Ribble.It was also the name of an archdeaconry and a general regional name which at times formed an affix in many p.ns. like Stainton 55, Bolton 63, Skipton 71, and many other township names in East and West Staincliffe, but none west of the R. Ribble; Sawley 182 is the most westerly township so described. The exact limits of the area are not easy to determine but the eastern boundary between Great Whernside (v, 218supra ), Craven Well and Appletreewick Pasture (in Appletreewick vi, 78–9 infra ), the R. Washburn (presumably near its source) and Addingham (57infra ) is detailed in 1307 YI. Several other p.ns. containing the name Craven (Craven Sike v, 219supra , Craven Wood 8, Craven Cross and Craven Moor 78infra , Craven Laithe in Middop 172infra , Craven Bank & Craven Ridge in Giggleswick 145, Cravenegate in Gisburn Forest 170, Cravens Wath f.n. in Ingleton 248, Craven's Way in Dent 255infra , etc., and possibly Cranoe Hill 40infra ) are on or near the boundaries of this district.There is no evidence later than DB to show that it extended westward of the R. Ribble or north into Ewcross Wapentake.

Parishes in this Local district