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Early-attested site in the Parish of Himbleton

Historical Forms

  • Dunhamstyde 814 BCS349 11th
  • Dunhæmstede c.972 KCD680 11th
  • Dunhamstede 11th Heming
  • Dunhamstede juxta Crowele 1280 For
  • Dunhamstud 1148 WoC c.1240 WoP 1240 Bodl15 c.1245
  • Donhamstede 1300 Pat
  • Donamstude 1310 FF 1327 SR
  • Dunnamsteed 1649 Surv


'The hamstede on the hill,' v. dun . The hill is only a slight slope. The field called Great Charsleys in the Survey of 1650 is probably the same piece of land that is referred to as cyranleage in the bounds of Dunhampstead in Himbleton (BCS 349). The Winsty Meadow of the same document must be the same as the wynna stigele in the bounds of Himbleton in Heming (356).