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Early-attested site in the Parish of Bromsgrove

Historical Forms

  • Willingewic 1086 DB
  • Welingewiche 1086 DB
  • Welingewic 1196 FF
  • Walingewica c.1086 EveA 1190
  • Wyllingwy(c)ke 1316 LyttCh 1319 FF 1445 ADvi
  • Wylyngwyke 1380 LibPens
  • Wyllynswych 1431 FA


This is probably from OE  Willinga -wīc , 'dairy-farm of Willa's people,' v. wic . The second, third and fourth forms offer difficulties however. The e can only be explained as due to common AN lowering of i to e , the a is probably due to confusion of the resultant Wel - with Anglian wælle , ME  walle for welle .