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Early-attested site in the Parish of Bromsgrove

Historical Forms

  • la Lecheye, la Lekheye, la Lechay, Lekhaye 1255 FF 1271 For 1299 Ct(Hales) 1314 Pat 1315 Orig 1394,1408 IpmR
  • Lykheye, Lykehay 1271,1280 For 1427 Ct
  • la Leckhaye ' 1337 Ipm
  • Lyckhay, Lickhay 1473–5 BM 1675 NQB
  • The Leckhay 1781 BiblWo
  • Leekhay 1792 NQB


All that can be said with certainty with respect to this name is that it was the name of a forest-enclosure (v. (ge)hæg). The first element might be leac , but there are two serious objections to it, viz. that one would not expect such an element in a forest- name and that it hardly explains the Lyk - forms.