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Early-attested site in the Parish of Asby

Historical Forms

  • Griseburghanes c.1216 Lowth
  • Grisburghanys 1246–9 ib
  • -burchanes c.1294 ib
  • -bume 1716 PR
  • Graysburn 1770 M
  • Griseburn(e) 1776,1823 M


Griseburn, Griseburghanes c. 1216Lowth , Grisburghanys 1246–9 ib, -burchanes c. 1294 ib, -bume 1716 PR, Graysburn 1770 M, Griseburn (e )1776, 1823 M. OE  burgæsn denotes a cairn or pile of stones (cf. Borrens i, 54); it occurs in this name and Holborn Hill, Swathburn, and the lost Scarburganes (infra ); at Holborn Hill there is the site of a settlement, at Swathburn a crag and scar, and at Griseburn only a large old quarry. There may have been a settlement site or ancient enclosure at Griseburn later used for young pigs (v. gríss ), but if so it has been destroyed in local railway workings.