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Beacham Spring

Early-attested site in the Parish of Asby

Historical Forms

  • Beuchamp 1246–9 Lowth(AB20)
  • Beuchaumpe 1270 ib
  • Beacham 1843 TA
  • Beacham 1780,1782 PR


Beacham Spring, Beuchamp 1246–9Lowth (AB 20), Beuchaumpe 1270 ib 24, Beacham 1843TA . A French p.n. 'beautiful field' from OFr  bel-champ , common in France (Vincent §808). Beacham Spring may be more directly named from the family of George or John Beacham (1780, 1782 PR 13, 103), whose name probably originated in the older p.n.