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Early-attested site in the Parish of Walton

Historical Forms

  • Ruddegate 13 Tockw Hy3 Heal80
  • Rudgate 13 13 Tockw
  • Rydyatestulpe 1305 YDv,232


Rudgate, Ruddegate 13 Tockw, Hy 3Heal 80, Rudgate 13 ib 54, 13 Tockw, Rydyatestulpe 1305 YD v, 232. This is the name of a Roman road which runs north from St Helen's Ford across the R. Wharfe to join that from York to Boroughbridge. v. gata 'road'; the first el. is uncertain; it could be the OE  pers.n. Rudda , but v. Roads viii. The ON  fem. pers.n. Rudda from which Ekwall derives Rudby YN 174 is a fictional name. For -stulpe , v. stolpi 'stoop'.