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Walkingham Hill

Major Settlement in the Parish of Walkingham Hill (extra parochial)

Historical Forms

  • Walching(e)ha' 1086 DB
  • Walkhinham 1173–85 YCh513
  • Walkingeham 1226 FF 1246 Ass21
  • Walkingham, Walkyngham 1239 FF 1250–1302 YI c.1295 Ext 1320 Calv
  • Walkingham Hyll 1534 FF


'Homestead of the people of Walca', v. -ingas , hām and Introd.The OE  pers.n. Walca is doubtless a hypocoristic form of OE  pers.ns. like Walhheard , Walhhere , etc., or, as Ekwall (DEPN 470) has pro- posed, a syncopated form of an OE  Walaca , which occurs in OE  Wealacandic BCS 475 and corresponds to OLG  Waliko , ODu Waloco ; it is not recorded but occurs in p.ns. like Walstead Sx 343, Walkington YE 203 and several YW p.ns. Walkworth i, 189, Walkley i, 196, iii, 24, Walkden i, 228 supra ; a strong form Walc may be found in R. Washburn.

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