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Early-attested site in the Parish of Thornton in Craven

Historical Forms

  • Chelebroc, Cheuebroc 1086 DB
  • Kelbroc 13 Heal97d 1221 Cur
  • Kelbrok(e) 1285 KI 1542 NCWills
  • Kelbrooke 1524 WillY
  • Kelbrouke 1573 ib
  • Kelebrok 1240 FF 1300 Ch
  • Kellebroke 1260 YI


Kelbrook, Chelebroc , Cheuebroc 1086 DB, Kelbroc 13Heal 97d, 1221 Cur, Kelbrok (e )1285 KIet freq to 1542 NCWills, Kelbrooke 1524 WillY, Kelbrouke 1573 ib, Kelebrok 1240 FF, 1300 Ch, Kellebroke 1260 YI.The name referred originally to the stream now called Kelbrook Beck. This stream flows through a ravine which widens out at Kelbrook; the first el. is therefore likely to be OE  ceole 'throat' used topographically of 'a gorge, a ravine' with initial k - due to ON influence. v. brōc .