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Acaster Selby

Early-attested site in the Parish of Stillingfleet

Historical Forms

  • Acastra, Acastre 1086 DB 1109–1112 Selby
  • Achastre 1190 P
  • Sutheacaster 1255–62 Selby
  • Nether Acastre, Nether Acaster 1315 Selby 1439 Baild 1458 YDi
  • Nether Acaster als. Acaster Selbie 1583 FF


Acaster Selby (97–5741) [ˈeːkastə] Acastra , Acastre 1086 DB, 1109–1112 Selby, Achastre 1190 P, and with similar spellings and meaning to Acaster Malbis 218infra ; the spellings for the two names cannot always be kept apart. The affix Sel (e )by is first found in the thirteenth century (Selby i, 323, etc.) and refers to Selby Abbey (31supra ) which held lands here (Selby passim , 1285 KI 23, 1303 KF 223, 1315 Pat, etc.). The place is also referred to as Sutheacaster 1255–62 Selby (v. sūð) and Nether Acastre , Nether Acaster 1315 Selby, 1439 Baild, 1458 YD i, Nether Acaster als. Acaster Selbie 1583 FF (v. neoðera ) to distinguish it from Acaster Malbis further north up the R. Ouse.