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Early-attested site in the Parish of St John's Parish

Historical Forms

  • Trapun, Trapu' 1086 DB
  • Thropon 1352 YDviii 1366 FF 1499 YDxii,244 1535 VE 1591 FF
  • Thorpen 1472 Fabr
  • Thorpon 1596 FF
  • Thropen 1490 YDviii 1498 HCY 1526 FF
  • Throapham 1822 Langd


With the material available it is uncertain whether Throapham is from an OE  þrāpum (with normal rounding of ā to ME ǭ ) or OE  þropum (with ME lengthening of OE ŏ to ǭ in the open syllable), though the DB spellings point to the former. Since there appears to be no root þrāp , we must assume the name to be from þropum with the DB spellings erratic. The name would then mean 'at the outlying farmsteads', from OE  þropum , dat.pl. of þrop ; v. -um . Along with Thrope Ho. (Fountains Earth) pt. v infra , Throapham would be a rare northern example of OE  þrop .