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Almsford Bank, Almsford Bridge

Early-attested site in the Parish of Pannal

Historical Forms

  • Almford 1576 Wheater
  • Almeford 1577 Spoff
  • Almsford wath 1767 Comm
  • Ampher Bridge 1771 M


Almsford Bank, Almsford Bridge, 1848TA , Almford 1576 Wheater, 'a ford called Almeford ' 1577 Spoff, Almsford wath ('where a bridge is now built') 1767 Comm, Ampher Bridge 1771 M, cf. also the modern f.ns. Almfrey Bank (s ). 'Ford by the elm-tree', v. almr 'elm-tree', vað 'ford'; Alms - is by analogy from Alms Cliff 44supra .