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Ingthorpe Grange

Early-attested site in the Parish of Martons Both

Historical Forms

  • Ucnetorp 1086 DB
  • Vnkethorp(e), Unkethorp(e) l.12 Sawl15 1212–23,1219,1224–33 YChvii 1291 BltComp18 1314 Pat
  • Hunketorp 1276 RH
  • Vnchthorp 1294 BltComp23d
  • Unchetorpe 1314 Pat
  • Hungthorp 1379 PT
  • Vngthorpe, Ungthorpe 1540 MinAcct 1557 WillY
  • Engthorpe 1544 MinAcct
  • Ingthorpe Grange 1817 M


v. þorp 'outlying farmstead'. The first el. is probably the AScand  pers.n. Unkel from an ON  *Unnkell (cf. Feilitzen 295). Dan  Unker is improbable as that is a late contraction of ODan  Othinkar (DaGP 1534). For AN  loss of -el cf. IPN 113, 6. The later forms with Eng -, Ing - are due to the influence of the common f.n. el. eng 'meadow'.