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Major Settlement in the Parish of Marton

Historical Forms

  • Marton(e) 1086 DB l.12 Malton 1817 M
  • Marton(e) in Burchskyre 13 Heal77
  • Marton(e) in Burg(e)scire, Marton(e) in Burg(e)sir 1203 Malton 1219 FF 1236 Kirkl
  • Marton(e) in Burghs(c)hire, Marton(e) in Burghshyre 1348 YDiv 1532 Star 1535 VE
  • Marton(e) in Upborogheshere 1558 Visit
  • Marton(e) in Brugheshier 1579 FF
  • Marton(e) in Broughshyer 1611 FF
  • Marton(e)Broughshire 1771 Newby


'Farmstead with a pool, from ONb  mær -tūn (v. mere , tūn ), a common p.n.There were two pools by the village. On the affix Burghshire v. Claro Wapentake 1supra .