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Great Ribston

Major Settlement in the Parish of Hunsingore

Historical Forms

  • Ripestan, Ripestain 1086 DB
  • Ribestan(n), Rybestan(n) 1173 YCh197 1182–5 1220–4 YDvii,433 1226 YChx 1227 Ch
  • Rybestain, Rybestayn 13 YDvi 1236–47 YChx
  • Ribbestain, Ribbestein, Ribbesteyn 1196 P l.12 YDx 13 Percy 1202,1213 FF 1206–12 YChx 1217–41 YDiv 1327 YDii
  • Rybbystayn 13 YDvi
  • Ribbestan, Rybbestan 13 Percy 1278 YI 1372 YDvii,445
  • Rybbeston 1205 OblR
  • Ribstain, Rybstain, Rybstayn 1217 YDix,73 1370 YDvi
  • Rybstan(e) 1276 RH 1314 Pat 1502 Ipm
  • Magna Rybstan(e) 1303 KF 1316 Vill
  • Temple Rybstan(e) 1379 PT
  • Ribston, Rybston 1535 VE 1540 PrHosp


Probably 'rock or stone by which rib-wort or hound's-tongue grew', v. ribbe , stān , the latter sometimes replaced by ON  steinn.Ekwall's suggestion that it means '(boundary) stone of the Hrype ' (the tribe named in Ripon 164infra ) is improbable in view of the regularity of the spellings with Ribe - and Ribbe -; the parallel of Hebden (iii, 191supra ) and Skibeden vi, 73 cited to show voicing of intervocalic -p - to -b - is not relevant, as the voicing in those cases is a simple assimilation to the following voiced -d - in -den , and this circumstance does not occur in Ribston. The DB spelling Ripe - has in fact the reverse assimilation of -b - to -p - before the voiceless -s -.'Magna' and 'Temple' (v. tempel ) to distinguish it from Little Ribston 31infra ; there was a preceptory of Templars at Lund in Ribston (YAJ vii, viii, PrHosp, etc.). The village itself, probably in Ribston Park, has long been depopulated (cf. YAJ xxxviii, 235).