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Early-attested site in the Parish of Felkirk

Historical Forms

  • Felechirc(h)a, Felechirc(h)e 1119–47 Nost73 c.1130–40 YCh 1252 Ebor c.1254 Nost75
  • Felekircha 1121–7 YCh1428
  • Felachircha 1127 Nost7d
  • Felekirk(e), Felekyrk(e), Felekirka 1170–85 YCh e.13 BM 13 YDi 1215 ChR 1225 Nost71 Ed1 et freq
  • Felekerk 1280 Ch
  • Felkirk, Felkyrk(e) 1289 Ebor 1291 Tax 14 Sawl193d 1558 FF
  • Feldkirk 1362 Nost27


'Church built of planks', v. fjǫl (also in Fell Beck (Bishopside) pt. v infra ), kirkja . Felkirk, though not a township, gave its name to the parish; it stands in the centre of the parish at a crossroads.