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Kilham Fm

Early-attested site in the Parish of Cantley

Historical Forms

  • Kileholm' 1246 Ass39d
  • Killeholme 1379 PT
  • Kylholme, Kilholme 1557 WillY 1822 Langd
  • Kilham 1623 PRCnt
  • Killum 1633 ib


Kilham Fm, Kileholm '1246Ass 39d(p), Killeholme 1379 PT (p), Kylholme , Kilholme 1557 WillYet freq to 1822 Langd, Kilham 1623 PRCnt, Killum 1633 ib. v. holmr 'a plot of dry ground in marshland, a water meadow'. The first el. is ambiguous; it may be an OE  pers.n. Cylla suggested for Kilburn YN 196 and Kilnwick YE 160, or OE  cyln 'kiln' (with the early assimilated form kill ). ON  kill 'a narrow bay' is unlikely.