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Bolton upon Dearne

Major Settlement in the Parish of Bolton upon Dearne

Historical Forms

  • Bodeltone, Bodetone 1086 DB
  • Bowoltona e.12 Nost7
  • Boelton 1164–81 BM 13 Brett 1236 Fees
  • Bouelton' 1249 RegAlbii,7
  • Bohilton Ed1 BM
  • Bouton' 1190 P
  • Boolton 1215 ChR
  • Boulton 13 Brett 1248 Ebor 1249 RegAlbiii,92b 1269 Ch 1276 RH 1280–90 Bodl41 1597 SessnR
  • Boulton in Dirnesherth 13 Brett 1317 Pat 1390 Brett
  • Boulton super Dyrn(e), Boulton on Dyrn(e), Boulton on Dirn 1280,1300 Ebor 1309 BM 1355 YDx
  • Boulton juxta Wathe 1302 Ebor
  • Bowlton 1572 FF
  • Bolton 1285 KI 1301 YI 1379 PT
  • Bolton (up)on Dyrne 1300 Ebor 1344 FF 1400 Pat
  • Bolton super Dern(e), Bolton (upp)on Dern(e) 1467 Pat 1495 FF 1605 FF
  • Bolton super Deyrne 1492 Testiv
  • Bolton super Dearne 1675 Comm52


'An enclosure with its buildings', v. bōðl-tūn. The name occurs several times in YW. On the AN influence in the development of the name cf. High Melton 76supra . For the affixes v. R. Dearne (RNs.) and Wath upon Dearne 118infra . Dirnesherth would appear to be the name of a small district; it is a compound of the r.n. Dearne and OE  erð 'ploughed land' or eorðe 'earth, soil'. There is a little doubt about the identification of twelfth-century Nost forms, since both Bolton on Dearne and Bolton Percy pt. iv infra were in the Percy fee. Picot de Percy (who is a party in the above documents) seems to have held the land here (cf. Skaife, DB 129 n).