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Major Settlement in the Parish of Bishopthorpe

Historical Forms

  • T(h)orp 1086 DB c.1180 Riev 1235 FF 1263 Baild 1373 Testi
  • T(h)orp iuxta Ebor' c.1187 BM
  • T(h)orp sce' Andree 1190,1191 P 1237 FF 1241 RegAlbii,85 1285 KI 1303 KF
  • T(h)orp super Usam 12 YCh 1194 Kirkst
  • T(h)orp on Huse 1286 Ebor
  • T(h)orp Archiepiscopi 1225 1276 RH
  • Biscupthorp 1275 YI
  • Bisshopestorp 1293 QW
  • Bischopthorp, Bis(s)hopthorp, Bys(s)hopthorp 1301 YI 1305 Ebor 1316 Vill 1597 FF
  • Bushopthorpe 1590 WillY


v. biscop , þorp 'outlying farmstead'. At the time of the DB survey the church was known as Christ's church, but the church of St Andrew is mentioned in the thirteenth century (1219 Fees) and repeatedly in the following centuries. In 1225 or thereabouts Archbishop Gray purchased the manor of Thorpe and in 1241 con- veyed it to the Chapter of York who undertook to rent it to him and his successors for an annual sum of 20 marks (RegAlb ii, 85d).