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Nunley Fm

Early-attested site in the Parish of Wroxall

Historical Forms

  • Nuneleia 1150 ReadingA
  • Noneleia 12th France c.1155 Ch 1327
  • Nunneleia 1163 BM
  • Nunnele 1272 Ass
  • Nonnele 1285 Ch
  • Nunleygate, Nuneleyfeld 1404 Ct


Nunley Fm is Nuneleia 1150ReadingA , Noneleia 12th France, c. 1155 (1327) Ch, Nunneleia 1163 BM, Nunnele 1272Ass , Nonnele 1285 Ch, Nunleygate , Nuneleyfeld 1404Ct . This is 'clearing or wood of the nuns' (v. leah ), with reference to the nuns of Wroxall. Cf. also Nunewode 1537 Monast in this parish.

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