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Monkspath Street

Early-attested site in the Parish of Tanworth

Historical Forms

  • Monekespathe 13th Dugd548
  • Munkespath 1221 Ass 1285 FF
  • Monkespath 1315 Ipm 1356 ADiv 1451 Ass
  • Mounkespathe 1352 Wollaton
  • Monspade 1475 Rental
  • Monkespathe Streyt 1550 FF
  • Monkespath streete 1630 Add


Monkspath Street is Monekespathe 13th Dugd 548, Munkespath 1221Ass (p), 1285FF , Monkespath 1315 Ipm, 1356 AD iv, 1451 Ass, Mounkespathe 1352 Wollaton, Monspade 1475Rental , Monkespathe Streyt 1550FF , Monkespath streete 1630Add . This is now the name of a part of the Stratford-Birmingham road. “Which path I suppose was so named in regard that the Monks of Stoneley past so oft that way to Bordsley Abby in Worcestershire” (Dugdale 581), but Mr Houghton, who has made a special study of Warwickshire roads and tracks, comments as follows: “I think Dugdale was in error here and that the monkspath was from Bordesley to its daughter-house at Merevale. The track early gave its name to a district, which became a quasi-manor. It should be noted that the suffix street does not appear till the mid 16th century.”