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Hockley Heath

Early-attested site in the Parish of Tanworth

Historical Forms

  • Huckeloweheth c.1280 ADiii
  • Hockelouwe 13th Dugd548
  • Hokelowe 1345 ADiii
  • Hockelowe 1367 ADiv
  • Oldehokkelowes 1444 ADiii
  • Hokeley heth 1542 MinAcct


Hockley Heath is Huckeloweheth c. 1280 AD iii, Hockelouwe 13th Dugd 548, Hokelowe 1345 AD iii, Hockelowe 1367 AD iv, Oldehokkelowes 1444 AD iii, Hokeley heth 1542MinAcct .'Hucca 's or Hocca 's hill or barrow,' v. hlaw .