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Bridge Town

Early-attested site in the Parish of Stratford on Avon

Historical Forms

  • Brigeton in Clifford 1247 Ass
  • la Bruggetun 1262 Ass
  • Bridgetown 1656 Dugdale
  • Burgetowne t.Ed6 Rental 1561 Minutes
  • Bridgetowne al. Drudgetowne (sic) 1674 FF


Bridge Town is Brigeton in Clifford 1247Ass , la Bruggetun 1262Ass , Bridgetown 1656 Dugdale, with variant spellings Bruggetown and Bryggetown . The -towne appears first in 1522 (StratGild). Other forms worth noting are Burgetowne t. Ed 6Rental , 1561 Minutes, Bridgetowne al. Drudgetowne (sic)1674FF . This is in Ruin Clifford on the south side of the bridge over the Avon. For Burge -, v. Introd. xxvi.

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