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Major Settlement in the Parish of Ilmington

Historical Forms

  • Ylman dunes gemære 978 KCD620 11th
  • (æt) Ylmondune c.1000 Aelfric,DedicatoryEpistletoHomilies
  • Edelmitone 1086 DB
  • Ilmedon(e) ib.
  • Ilmedone 1247 Fees 1428 FA
  • Ilmedona 1168 P
  • Ylmedon t.Hy3 CartMisc
  • Imeldona 1178 P
  • Illamedone 1204 Cl
  • Hylmendone 1227 FF 1232 Ass
  • Hilmendon 1262 ib
  • Hulmendon 1376 ADiii
  • Ilmyndon(e) 1269 Wigorn 1428 ADv
  • Ilmendon(e) 1248 Cl 1272 FF 1298 Ipm
  • Ilmyngdon(e) 1306 Ass 1496 Pat 1535 VE
  • Ilmyngton ib.
  • Elmyngdon 1445 Pat


This is a difficult name. It is possible that the 11th-century form Ylmandun is for earlier ylmenandun and that we have a lost adj. *ylmen , a derivative of OE  ulm , 'elm.' That such a form as ulm existed side by side with the usual elm is shown by the form ulmtreow found once in OE. This is cognate with LGer  olm (cf. Walde-Pokomy i, 152). Such compounds of dun and an adjective derived from a tree-name are found elsewhere (cf. Bockendon supra 180). Hence perhaps 'at the elm-grown hill.'The only objection to this etymology is that we should have expected some ME  forms in Ulme (n )-, but the objection is not fatal to the etymology suggested. Cf. Introd. xxvi.