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Norton Curlieu

Early-attested site in the Parish of Budbrooke

Historical Forms

  • Nortone 1275 RH
  • Nortone Scurly 1303 FF
  • Nortone Curl(e)y 1316,1428 FA
  • Nortone Curlun 1505 MinAcct
  • Nortone Curlife 1506 KnowleG
  • Nortone Kyrley 1544 MinAcct
  • Nether Norton 1377 ADiv
  • Norton Curlewe al. Nether Norton 1650 FF
  • Norton-Curli al. Norton inferior 1656 Dugdale


Norton Curlieu is Nortone 1275 RH, Nortone Scurly 1303FF , Nortone Curl (e )y 1316, 1428 FA, Nortone Curlun 1505MinAcct , Nortone Curlife 1506 KnowleG, Nortone Kyrley 1544MinAcct , Nether Norton 1377 AD iv, Norton Curlewe al. Nether Norton 1650FF , Norton -Curli al. Norton inferior 1656 Dugdale. 'North farm,' v. tun . It is in the south part of the parish, but may have been so named because north of Stratford on Avon. William de Curly held the manor in 1235 (Fees).

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