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Ragley Hall

Early-attested site in the Parish of Arrow

Historical Forms

  • Rageleia 710 BCS127 14th Ch c.1138 1340
  • Ragel' c.1086 Evesham 1190
  • Rageleg(a) 1179,1199 P
  • Rageleghe 1247 Ass
  • Ragele 1279 Nott 1381 Pat
  • Raggeleia c.1155 Monast 1173,1175 P 1477 StratGild


The OE form is of no authority. The first element may from the point of view of form be the ME  word ragge noted in the pers. name ate Ragge in 1332 in Wonersh (Sr) (PN Sr 364) and in some modern field-names in the same county. This is probably the word rag (of unknown etymology) used to describe a coarse hard stone. Enquiry does not, however, suggest any particular reason for such a name in the Ragley area.

Professor Ekwall suggests another possibility. We have in OE  twigge side by side with OE  twig (pl. twigu ), and he suggests that there may similarly have been an OE  ragge side by side with the recorded ragu , 'moss, lichen.' If so the name would mean 'moss clearing,' v. leah .

Places in the same Parish

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