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Emery Barn Fm

Early-attested site in the Parish of Ely St Mary

Historical Forms

  • Amery(e)barn(e) 1536 CHuASv 1544 WMP
  • the Ambry Barnes c.1550 ECP
  • Almery or Amery Barnes 1584 CHuASv.


Emery Barn Fm is Amery (e )barn (e )1536 CHuAS v, 1544WMP , the Ambry Barnes c. 1550 ECP, Almery or Amery Barnes 1584 CHuAS v. Cf. also le Awmerye 1448Ct , (le ) Ambryland 1570 ib. This was part of the endowment of the almonry (OFr  au (l )mosnerie ) of Ely. Cf. Amery Court (PN K 491), Armoury Fm (PN Ess 360–1) and The Ambry (PN Mx 166).