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Beezling Fen

Early-attested site in the Parish of Doddington

Historical Forms

  • le Bylling(es)fenne 1540 MinAcct
  • Bezeling(s) (a mow) Fen 1829 Wells
  • Bilsingge 13th Chateriz
  • Belsynges 14th ElyCouch
  • Byslinges 14th Wren
  • Bylsynggis 1453 Ct
  • Byslynges 1492 ElyB
  • Besselinges lode 1605 Imb
  • Bilsinges 1617 SewersD


Beezling Fen is le Bylling (es )fenne 1540MinAcct , Bezeling (s ) (a mow ) Fen 1829 Wells and is to be associated with Bilsingge 13thChateriz , Belsynges 14thElyCouch , Byslinges 14thWren , Bylsynggis 1453Ct , Byslynges 1492ElyB , Besselinges lode 1605 Imb, Bilsinges 1617SewersD . No satisfactory explanation of the name can be offered. It is clearly an early name in ing or perhaps in ingas , but it is impossible to suggest what the first element may be.