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Somerset Fm and Bridge

Early-attested site in the Parish of Peper Harow

Historical Forms

  • sumæres forda 909 BCS627 c.1150
  • Somerford 1294 Ass 1298 Rental
  • Somersford brydge t.Hy8 MinAcct
  • Somersford c.1540 Ct
  • Somersforde Bridge t.Eliz SACxxv
  • Somerson Fm 1765 R 1785 Cary
  • Somerset Fm 1789 LandC


Somerset Fm and Bridge (6″) is sumæres forda 909 (c. 1150) BCS 627, Somerford 1294Ass , 1298Rental , Somersford brydge t. Hy 8MinAcct , Somersford c. 1540Ct , Somersforde Bridge t. Eliz SAC xxv, Somerson Fm 1765 R, 1785 Cary, Somerset Fm 1789 L and C. This is a difficult name. The first element can hardly be OE  sumor , 'summer,' gen. sumeres , either from the point of view of form or meaning, for the correct compound would be sumor-ford , not sumeres-ford . An OE  personal name Sumor is possible. Förstemann (PN 1368) gives OGer  Sumar , and OE  Wintra and Winter are on record. Cf. s. n. Summersdale (PN Sx 71), and the field-name Summersbury Copse in Haslemere (Somersbury 1548LRMB ). Possibly we should read sunmæres forda , the n -abbreviation having been omitted. For such OE  names in Sun -, cf. the recorded Sungeoua , Suneman , Sunulf and Sunegod .

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