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Major Settlement in the Parish of Fetcham

Historical Forms

  • Fecham 964–95 BCS1132 c.1200 SR 1436
  • Feceham 1086 DB
  • Fecheham c.1170 AD 1246 FF 1285 Winton
  • Feschaham 1205 Cur
  • Fescham c.1270 Winton
  • Fechesham 1403 Ass
  • Fecchenham 1252 Ch
  • Fekham 1259 Ass Ed1 Ass
  • Facheham 1358 Ass
  • Facham 1570 SR
  • Ficcham 1428 FA


This is probably 'Fecce 's ham(m),' with the same personal name as in fecceswudu (KCD 751) and DB Fech (e ). The s would be early lost from this difficult combination (cf. Hatcham supra 21), and there would also be ready confusion with the weak form Fecca found in Feckenham (PN Wo 317). For occasional k see that name also.