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Major Settlement in the Parish of Ketton

Historical Forms

  • Chetene 1086 DB
  • Chetena 1146 RegAnt
  • Chetenea 1163 ib
  • Ketene 1174,c1180 France 1199 FF 1278 LCDeeds 1322 Wyg 1384 Cl
  • Keton(e) 1322 Ipm 1397 FF 1505 Pat
  • Ketton 1519 EpCB 1556 Conant 1583 FF


According to Ekwall, DEPN s. n. , this is an old alternative name for R. Chater. The second element is OE  ēa 'a river'. The first is a derivative of PrWelsh  cd 'a wood', possibly an OE  tribal name *Cētan . The final syllable of the early p.n. form was eventually dropped. Hence, 'the river of the Cētan', v. ēa .

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