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Early-attested site in the Parish of Gosford and Water Eaton

Historical Forms

  • (into) Cuðues hlaye 1004 Frid t.Ed2
  • Codeslam, Codeslave 1086 DB
  • Codeslowe c.1142,1376(bothc.1425) Frid 1280 Os 1316 FA
  • Kodeslawe c.1220 Os
  • Codeslawe 1246–7 Ass
  • Cudeslawe 1123–33 OxonCh 1259 Os
  • Culdeslauia 1320 Ch
  • Coteslowe 1480 Frid
  • Cutslow, Old Cutslow 1797 Davis


'Cūþen 's or Cūþwine 's burial mound,' v. hlāw . It is not impossible that the man buried here is the one who gave his name to Cuddesdon (167–8) about eight miles south-east. The barrow was destroyed in the 13th century: v. Antiquity 1935, where Professor H. M. Cam draws attention to an entry in the Assize Roll for 1261 which she translates “Two strangers were found killed under the how (Latin hoga ) of Cutteslowe. The hundred jury testify that evil doers are wont to lurk in the hollow of the how, and that many robberies and homicides have been committed there. Therefore the sheriff was commanded to level the how.”

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